The Future (Or is it?) of Transport – Run Your Car on Water

What would cars be like in the future? Would it be like a hover craft, like we see in the sci-fi movies? It would be nice if that were the case. However, in the real world it will be highly improbable to happen because of the increasing cost of gas.

A car that runs on water is highly probable to be the mode future of transport. In fact it exists today. In the 90s Stanley Mayer invented a car that runs on water. Unfortunately, the inventor died during March of 1998. Today, there are many inventors who claimed that they developed a water running car. However, some of the claims are dubious. Nonetheless, the technology is available.

This innovative invention works by means of Hydrogen electrolysis; it separates the hydrogen while maintaining the stability of water. Hydrogen is then converted into energy. It is easy to install if you have the necessary information and it is cost efficient. A gallon can run for miles. These kits are available now! Over 10,000 people have converted their cars and trucks. Everyday these kits become more popular due to the high rise of gas. They reason they are becoming so popular is because they are very simple to install if you purchase a home kit. They provide blueprints, videos, and step by step guide. If you purchase the right kit you can have these installed on your car with NO mechanical skills in 90 minutes. If you have some mechanical skills you could install these kits in 45 minutes easily.